Finishing the Course

All through Christmas break, my daughter debated on whether she

Girls lining up for practice on uneven bars

Girls lining up for practice on uneven bars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wanted to continue taking gymnastics lessons or not.  She has loved them up until recently when they started doing backwards pull-overs on the bar, and since then, she has been very nervous each time it’s her turn for bar.  Today was the first class of the year, and she decided to be brave and give it a go.  I was proud of her just for attending, and told her she could come over and sit with me any time she needed to if she wasn’t up to it.  The class unfolded in a way that brought tears to my eyes by the end.

The first event in her rotation was uneventful.  She did the vault and enjoyed it like she always does.  However, the next event was the bars.  She looked over at me as she walked to the bars and I could see her tensing up.  I watched as her teachers encouraged her, but she was visibly terrified when they asked her to do a backwards pull-over.  The poor girl got so scared, that I could see her shake from over 30 feet away.  Then came the tears.  However, she pulled through and did it.  Not once, but twice.  Two backwards pull-overs.

After the bars, the class got a break and came to get their water bottles.  The Creeve came over and I could see how much she had been crying.  I pulled her into a tight hug and whispered how proud I was of her.  Then I asked if she wanted to quit for the day and head home.  I was amazed at her response: “No, I want to stay and finish.”  She grabbed a quick drink of water, washed the chalk off her hands, and lined up with her class to head over to the beam.


Gymnastics (Photo credit: courosa)

I watched her on the beam, I watched her climb up the rope, I watched her on the trampoline.  She continually fought back the tears she had begun on the bars.  But she continued.

I have a chronic disorder that I will post about sometime, but suffice it to say, there have been many times when I have given up in the middle of a treatment because I didn’t feel like it was working.  As I watched my daughter, I renewed my desire to endure to the end.  I want to be like her.

Thank you, sweet Creeve, for teaching me to finish the course.


3 thoughts on “Finishing the Course

  1. I am so impressed with your daughter! I have been learning about persistence in the past couple of years and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! 😀 This post just inspires me to get back to being consistently persestent! THANK YOU!

    This is my first time here, but I already love your blog! 😀 Thanks for coming over to mine so I could become acquainted with yours! And of course, I hope mine is a blessing to you! 🙂 I have two blogs. You went to my moorememoir.blogspot blog (welcome back anytime!). The other blog is a place where I write about all kinds of things, one being writing about overcoming adversities, things I learn, and things that bring me joy. It is called joy in the journey but the address is corinesmiles.blogspot.

    I am NOT here to advertize! I am here to read your blog!!! But this article that I just read on your blog reminds me of experiences I had as I struggled to begin being physically fit again after many years and of a post that I wrote on my Joy in the Journey blog just as I was beginning to train for my first half marathon; I would love to share it with you as a source of encouragement. Again, I am so impressed with your daughter! I have so much more zest when I am consistently perservearing in a goal! In case you or your daughter may enjoy, here is a link to the post I wrote that came to mind. I’ll let you know I did accomplish my goal to run a half marathon, and the following year I entered two triathlons! 😀 (It all just amazes me! I’m so excited to do more and really hope to make time to work out enough to improve! 🙂
    Anyhow, enough rambling, here is that link…
    I’m sure I will be visiting you again!
    Corine 😀

  2. PS. I have had MUCH BIGGER struggles (much more personal too :o) that I have somehow managed to talk myself into continuing the course of healing to the end. Talk about challenging! And yet so wonderfully possible!!! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! 🙂 I can share other stories with you if you are interested. Send me a note at one of my blogs if you are, and have a great day!
    Corine 😀

    • Thank you, Corine, for you great comments. I would love to hear more about your own challenges and how you have found the strength to continue through them to the end. Heading over to your blog right now 🙂

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