Song dedicated to Kids with Clefts

Introducing Mr. Do.  This little guy blessed our lives incredibly when he joined our family about 3 and 1/2 years ago.    Image

Mr. Do was born with a small cleft in his lip and in his gum line.  Isn’t he adorable?  I think so.  Well, when he was four months old, we got his lip repair surgery done.

Mr Do. at 4 months

Mr Do. at 4 months

Below is a picture of Mr. Do right before he went into surgery.


Our little guy is having another surgery soon; some scar tissue has built up on his lip, and the surgeon feels it needs to be done.  Even though this is a relatively minor surgery, I have been thinking so much about my sweet little guy and how much I am grateful to be his mother.

I recently finished a song for him that I would like to share with you, one that is very dear to my heart.  This song is called, “You Are Complete to Me,” and, in it, I have been able to express the feelings I have had for so long about my little guy and the journey we have been on with him.

To Mr. Do: This song is from me to you. I hope it helps you understand some of my feelings for you.  The only reason we have put you through (and will put you through) these surgeries is we know it’s best for your physically and emotionally through your life.  But, if it were up to us, we would keep you the way you were born: perfect as a baby can be.  We love you.

You Are Complete to Me PDF

Listen to a Recording of You Are Complete to Me


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