Being Flexible

Today has been a pretty stressful day.  Mr. Do, my 3-year-old, was scheduled to have another surgery on his lip tomorrow, and we were supposed to get the “pre-surgery” call today–so the first half of the day was stressful waiting for the call.  Then, we got the call, and it did not go at all how I thought it would.  As they asked for his health history, they asked if he had any RSV or other lung problems in the last 6 weeks, and I mentioned that a cold he had 3 weeks ago had gotten bad enough that the pediatrician gave him steroids, and that the pediatrician had actually called it croup.  Apparently, that’s not good when you’re going under general anesthetic.
After several calls back and forth between the hospital, the anesthesiologist, and the doctor who gave the steroids, we were told that we will have to reschedule the surgery for a later date.
Now, I am not what you would call the Queen of Flexible, especially when it comes to things like this that I have worried about and am anxious to have over with.  My first reaction?  Tears.  My second reaction?  Anger and frustration that we didn’t know this before the DAY BEFORE the surgery when we had everything planned–babysitters set, time off work for my husband planned, talked through the whole thing with Mr. Do so he was ready. . .on and on and on.

However, deep inside I knew I needed to be flexible about this.  This is something out of my control, and I can’t do anything about it.  Then, a quote came in my mind from a blog I had read earlier.  “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full…Be grateful that you have a glass, and there’s something in it.”

Glass of water

I know I’ve heard variations of that quote before, but in my particular situation, it helped me get some perspective.  Even though I’m frustrated, what are the “glasses” I have, and what do I have in them?

1) I’m grateful that I have a son in the first place and that he is relatively healthy.
2) I’m grateful that we have one of the best hospitals for craniofacial surgery relatively close to us at which he can have this surgery.
3) I’m grateful that I have parents, other family, and friends who are so supportive of us and Mr. Do, willing to babysit, get kids to school, and bring meals.
4) Even in my frustration, I can admit that I am grateful that they took this detailed health history and found out about the croup, and I’m grateful that they are careful about these situations.  If they didn’t find out, or if they weren’t careful, we could be facing bad complications with the anesthetic tomorrow.

Even as I type these out, I’m feeling better about what has happened.  Yes, I’m frustrated that the plans we had didn’t work out, but I have learned something valuable.  Sometimes all I need in order to be flexible is to be thankful–another life lesson I hope I won’t forget as I continue on in my life.

As a small P.S.–to all who have been praying for our little guy, thank you.  We will let you know when the surgery gets rescheduled, and when it will hopefully take place (even though it may be several months).  We thank you for your support.


One thought on “Being Flexible

  1. So sorry about your frustrating day! But wow… how great it is that your little angel isn’t having surgery while his strength is down. I hope your husband having the day off proves to be a blessing for your family and that rescheduling happens at the best time.
    Now, in case you don’t get back to my blog post to get my response, here is the link I promised about overcoming challenges… This particular post is long, however, there are treasures there. Read it when you have time to relax for a while. 🙂
    Corine 😀

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