Song Request Page Added

I have added a new page to the blog where anyone can make a request for me to arrange or write an LDS hymn or song.  Please share this with any choir directors, singers, or instrumentalists who might be looking for something specific that I could help them out with. Yes, it’s still free 🙂  Just follow this link to the new requesting page to get all the details. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Song Request Page Added

  1. Wow, that was so awesome. I think it is wonderful what you are doing.
    I did want to thank you for visiting my blog Living Waters by LeAnn.
    You asked for the additional words to “Love One Another” written by my husband Roger Lee Williams. These words were written years ago. I sent them to the church and they said we could use them but not puplish them. They have been used over the years in Primary, Scarament meetings and variious Mission fields.
    Here they are:
    Ye Have My Gospel, share with another
    Ye are my shepherds, feed then a brother.
    Care for the stranger, love as the Messiah
    Then ye shall know joy of the Father.
    Someday you’ll see me, if you endeavor.
    Then you will know me, we’ll walk together.
    If you obey me, here then is my promise;
    I’ll come to you, you’re mind forever.
    Blessing to you!

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