Gardening and Gratitude

*** Let’s get one thing straight off the bat here:  I have what I consider the blackest thumb known to man.  Everything green I have ever tried to grow has died.  ***


Last year, we created a nice garden spot and I tried to grow lettuce and peas.  They sprouted, and then they promptly died. This year, we tried again.  Nothing big–just lettuce, snap peas, and a few transplanted marigolds (that I thought died almost immediately after I planted them).

And what do you know?  They grew!  Here’s what it looks like now:

May 2013 095

**Hard to see on here, but even some of those poor marigolds have been revived!  It’s awesome!**

I have been relishing the fact that I haven’t had to buy salad for a few weeks and am so excited that my snap peas are almost ready to put into some yummy stir fry.  And I’ve been really proud of myself and that I actually pulled this off.


Yesterday I was reading scriptures with my Buddy.  He was reading in Helaman chapter 12, and I was so grateful I got the chance to read this particular chapter with him.  The entire thing is about how men so easily forget where their blessings come from, and take credit for all that goes right in their lives.

As I was talking about the meaning of this chapter with Buddy, I realized–I have not thanked my Heavenly Father even once that my garden is doing well.  Every time I look out my window, I think to myself, “Hey!  Look at that!  I did that!  Woot!”

I remember to thank Him for a lot of things–my family, my husband’s steady job, our house, etc.  But, this particular blessing is something I have been putting all on me.

Did I have something to do with this working out?  Of course!  I put in a lot of work: I tilled, I added a ton of compost, I have kept up on watering and fertilizing, and all of that.  However, where did the seeds come from in the first place?  Where did the material for composting come from?  Where did the dirt come from?  How about the water?  How about the fact that we have a yard large enough to fit a garden?  What about the fact that my body is able enough to do all that work?  Umm. . .yeah–all from Him.

As we read and discussed Helaman 12 together, I was so adamant to my son that he needs to always remember to thank our Heavenly Father for our many blessings.  And then–I told myself the same thing.


I am so grateful for all my blessings.  And, this year, I have another blessing to be so grateful for: My garden is working!!!  And I’m just trying to remember whom I should thank for that 🙂



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