Free LDS Sheet Music Competition

It’s that time of year again! Would you please take the time to vote for my two songs in the “Free LDS Sheet Music” competition this year? Awards I receive from competitions like this are what enable me to keep up my website and offer my music for free. ┬áHere’s how to vote:

Please go to EACH of these two links (voting is separate for each song):

They Call Him Savior Competition Link
I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go Competition Link

Look on the LEFT hand side of the page. Give each piece 5 stars (if you feel they are worth that), answer their anti-spam question with “Sunday”, and click “Add My Vote.” Please do it for both songs if you have the time! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the pieces! If you’d like to hear them, you can look at the upper left and click the play button. ┬áVoting is only once per household per piece, so it’s just one vote and done!

These songs are offered free for noncommercial use on both “Free LDS Sheet Music” and my site.