Living Christ Song 7

I feel I need to also give you all some full disclosure about recent goings-on surrounding these songs.  As I searched online, I found another person who has also posted songs she wrote to help memorize this document, “The Living Christ.” She said that she received permission from the church to post her songs only because she has password-protected her songs.  It was my understanding that this document was not under the same copyright as others because the document itself does not have any copyright symbol or date recorded.  I do my absolute best to respect copyright, so I am concerned I have breached it somehow. I have started the process to get these songs approved for use by the church since seeing her post.

I do not know if her site has any commercial interest; perhaps that is why the church asked her to password-protect the songs.  My site has absolutely no commercial interest, even the ads you may sometimes see are ads placed by WordPress and I get no money from them at all.  I am hoping that because of this, the church will continue to allow me to post them without having to go through password-protection.  However, I wanted to let you know that, depending on what permission I am granted, I may have to password-protect in the future.  If I am granted similar rights to what she has been granted, she is still able to let others use them for free, they just have to go through requesting a password first.

I just wanted to let you all know this possibility and will continue to update you as I hear back!


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