New Arrangement: Come Unto Jesus

I am excited to share this new arrangement with you!  My husband, Gerrit, and I are in the process of writing an Easter cantata, and this will be a part of that!  However, it’s also a great stand alone piece for any meeting focused on the Savior.  I hope you enjoy it!

Again, I have tried to save our ward and stake conductor’s money and time by condensing the pages down.  Please notice that the first verse is started with only the tenors, and the second verse is when the sopranos and altos get their turn.  I hope my notes on the music and the verse numbers will help with any confusion 🙂

Here’s the sheet music: Sheet Music for Come Unto Jesus SATB

Here is a MIDI file of the the whole song (but the parts on the first two verses overlap).  This file is in the correct key.

Here is a recording of me singing and playing the whole song (so you can hear which verses are where, but I sing the melody throughout).  I did this recording before I realized it was a key too high, so it’s played one key higher throughout.

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