New Song for Youth: We Will Press Forward

The 2016 Mutual Theme for the LDS Church is 2 Nephi 31:20: “Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ.”  My cousin was recently called as the Stake YW Camp Director and told me that their camp theme for next year goes along with this scripture; their theme is “Pressing Forward to Have Eternal Life!”  I got so excited about this theme when I found out about it (yesterday!) that I just had to write a song.  This was one of those treasured times as a composer when I feel this song was already composed somewhere and I just had the opportunity to write it down.  I truly felt inspired and I’m so grateful for that blessing.

When my husband first heard it, he asked why I wrote the lyrics, “Steadfast WITH Christ” rather than “IN Christ;” I did this because as I read all about the mutual theme, I loved how we can picture being truly yoked with our Savior and walking through life WITH Him!

I hope you enjoy this song and you’re welcome to use it for any noncommercial purposes, but it would be great for anything your youth are involved in next year.  As always, it’s free 🙂

Sheet Music: We Will Press Forward


1 This road that we are traveling,

This earthly path we walk

is fraught with danger, sadness, fear,

and sometimes we feel lost.

2 But if we will press forward,

stay true to Christ each day,

Then strength and courage, faith we’ll find:

His love will guide our way.


So We Will Press Forward, Steadfast with Christ.

With hope and love, we will prevail against doubt and strife.

Always pressing forward with the Savior by our side.

We’ll have joy along our path to gain eternal life!

3 We’ll make and keep our covenants,

Then when this time is through,

We’ll live with Father in pure joy,

forever families too.


We’ll gain eternal life!



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