New Website!

Hello followers!

I recently changed Mormon Mom and Her Music to a private company for hosting and had some issues with the transfer.  I was able to get back all my files, bu I wasn’t able to import all of my e-mail subscribers.  Please, please come back to the blog,, and subscribe again so you can keep up with all my new music!  The site looks different, but I promise, it’s me!  I won’t be posting anymore from this particular account, so if you don’t subscribe, you won’t hear back from me and I will miss you!

You can find the E-mail subscribe list on the right side bar of the website.  Thank you so much!

-Amy J. van Dyk

Mormon Mom and Her Music

Full Easter Cantata

Hello all!

I am thrilled to share with you that my husband and I have finished our first complete cantata together!  It includes my husband’s narration and my music (some original, some arranged, some sung with the congregation).  We tried to post it in time if you would like to use it for your Easter program.  Here is the link to the page: “He Lives Again: An Easter Cantata” or you can just go to the website and go directly to the page called “Full Easter Cantata.”


Please let us know if you use the full program or any part of it in your upcoming Easter program!  Thanks!