About Me

I  am a stay-at-home Mormon mom to my five wonderful children and I enjoy teaching piano from my home. (I’m calling my kids by nicknames on this blog):

Buddy: 9 years

The Creeve: My only daughter, 7 years

Mr. Do: 5 years

Chash: 4 years

The Baby: 3 months old

I love to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I love to be a mother and wife, I love to arrange and write music, and I love teaching piano!

I created this blog to share the music I create with you and hope that someone somewhere along the way can have an uplifting experience because of it!

In regards to the sheet music you find on this site, it is all my own work or arrangements of Public Domain LDS hymns and children’s songs.  You may print and copy as many selections as you wish for non-commercial use.  All other rights are reserved, including the creation of derivative works.

I love to know that my music is being used!  Please leave comments if you decide to use one of my pieces!  Thank you!

Thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow! 😀 Good for you for developing such wonderful talent! I’m inspired… I so want to learn even just to play the piano well. To compose – that would simply take a miracle! My mother composes though. Perhaps it will one day be possible for me too…

  2. You are very talented…. I started memorizing The Living Christ last year but did not finish. I have a renewed conviction. Just wondering if there is a away to save the music clips so i can listen while driving etc.

  3. I am the ward choir director for Anderson Mill Ward in Austin, TX. We are planning to sing A Patriotic Medley from your site for the 4th of July. I really need to hear it but when I click on the listen part of your web page for this song it does not work. I can’t find it anywhere else. Could you please email me at youngforever6@gmail.com and let me know if you can get it fixed right away.

    Thanks so much,
    Diane Young

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