Song of Thanksgiving 2-Part

I have always loved both of these hymns: “We Thank Thee, Oh God, for a Prophet” and “For the Beauty of the Earth.”  I think sometimes, though, we don’t appreciate the former as a hymn of gratitude for many blessings; we just think of it as a hymn showing gratitude for our living prophet.  I hope by changing the melody of this hymn, we and our audience can pay more attention to the words and the many blessings it talks about.  I also created a new melody for “For the Beauty of the Earth” so the two could be sung together.

This arrangement is written for 2 voices, but can be sung by a full choir with women on the first part and men on the second part just an octave lower, or really, however you want to do it!  The first verse is sung by Voice 1 alone; the second verse is sung by Voice 2 alone, and the third verse, both voices combine and then sing the ending together.

I hope you enjoy it!

A Song of Thanksgiving Sheet Music

To hear a vocal and piano recording of just me (no duet) so you can hear the individual parts, listen to this one:

To hear a MIDI file of the whole song (played through 3 times), but with the duet “sung” each time through, listen to this one:

Another way of accessing the MIDI: A Song of Thanksgiving

3 thoughts on “Song of Thanksgiving 2-Part

    • I am so sorry it’s not working for you. For whatever reason, it’s working on my computer. I really wish I was better at this computer stuff! I will send the file via email to the address associated with the profile you used to comment. I hope it will work that way!

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