Song for Kids with Clefts: “You Are Complete to Me”

I wrote this song for my sweet Mr. Do when we were getting ready for another surgery on his cleft lip.

I dedicate the song to him, to all kids born with clefts, and to their parents who love them and think they are perfect in every way.

“You Are Complete to Me” Sheet Music

Listen to a Recording of You Are Complete to Me

**Is this song not quite what you’re looking for, but pretty close?  I want you to be able to use it if you’d like to.  I will gladly make changes and post the new PDF (while keeping the original as well).  Please head over to my “Arrangement Change or Song Request” page and fill out the applicable questions, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.**


We went in to find out: boy or a girl.
We saw your hands, we saw your heart, and heard it beat.
But then they told us the news that would change your world:
Your precious smile was incomplete.

But, you are complete to me.
You have a beautiful smile.
This change that they say you need,
I want to hold off a while.
For you are complete to me, my child.

Then came the day that you were born,
We saw your face, we saw your smile, it was so sweet.
The doctors told us we needed to fix it soon,
Your precious smile was incomplete.

I said, “He looks complete to me.
He has a beautiful smile.
This change that you say he needs,
I want to hold off a while.
For he is complete to me, he’s my child.

But now that we’re through it,
I guess that I knew it
Would be the best for you.
But from my point of view:

You are complete to me.
You’ve always been a beautiful child.
The change that they said you needed,
I wanted to wait a while,
Maybe forever,
For you are complete to me, my child.
My child.

As with all my music on this site, you may print and copy as many selections of the sheet music as you wish for noncommercial use.  All other rights are reserved, including the creation of derivative works.  As for the recording, it is for demonstration purposes only, and should only be used for home use.  Please get written consent from me before you use it any other way.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Song for Kids with Clefts: “You Are Complete to Me”

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  2. This song is so beautiful, I listen to it quite a bit, I also had a child born with cleft lip and palate and have gone thru so much with him but I always knew he was complete! I would love to be able to download this song and make a CD with all his surgeries and everything he’s been through, is there a way to down load it somehow , the vidoe woukd just be for me and when he gets old enough to understand why he was born this way and how much he has over come! Again very beautiful song!!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! I am so glad the song has been a comfort to you! I actually created a video for m y son very similar to what you are taking about, and would love for you to create one for your son! I will send you the downloadable file of the recording to the email you used to post this comment:). My kids are on the computer right now, but I’ll send it when they are done:). Thanks!

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