Christmas Duet for S/A: He Was Thy Son

My husband, Gerrit, and I are in the process of writing a Christmas Cantata entitled “Voices from The First Noel,” and this song will be placed near the beginning of that cantata.  We are hoping to have the complete cantata written by fall of next year so we can share it with you all before Christmas 2016, however, we would love for you to be able to this song now in whatever noncommercial capacity you would like to.

This song is sung from the perspective of two amazing women: Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her cousin, Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.  It is sung as a duet for a soprano and alto as they individually pray to Heavenly Father about their divine roles as mothers to these great men.  I tried to convey what I feel these women might have been thinking and what their prayers may have sounded like after learning of their roles.  I know what many of us feel like when we find out we are to be mothers, and I tried to express those feelings in this song as well.

If you decide to use it in a Christmas program, some appropriate scriptural narration about Elisabeth is found in Luke 1:5-7, 11-17, 24-25.  Appropriate narration about Mary is found in Luke 1:26-35, and Gabriel then tells Mary about Elisabeth in Luke 1:36-38.

I want to thank my friend, Angi Johnson, for sharing her talents and her willingness to sing with me in the recording.  Her beautiful voice is perfect for the alto part, and I have loved working with her!  Thank you, Angi!

I hope you enjoy it!  Please let me know if you are able to use it somehow, and I hope you’ll look forward to our complete Christmas cantata next year!

He Was Thy Son Sheet Music

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