Vocal Solo: He Is There

This song is a collaboration between poet, Deborah Finneran, and I. Deborah wrote the lyrics as a poem first, and asked me to write music to go with it. Check out Deborah’s page where she posts some beautiful, uplifting poetry: It’s All About Him.

I love the message of the words to this song: keep holding onto our Savior through everything; He will always be there for you.

“He Is There” Sheet Music

Listen to a Recording of “He Is There”

As with all music on this site, you may print and copy as much of the sheet music as you may like. Please use it only for noncommercial church and home use.

Lyrics (by Deborah Finneran)

Hold on, hold on, hold on,
His love is here for you.
He will watch you, guide you, lift you up
As you carry on.

Just Hold onto Him,
Hold to the rod,
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on,
He is there.

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on,
Hold on when days are dim.
He will give you light when days are dark
His love is never ending.


Hold onto Him, when your days are dim
His light is there,
His love is near,
He truly cares.


Hold on, He is there.

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