Duet for Child and Adult: His Plan for You

This is a song where the children are asking the basic questions of life: Who am I?  Why am I here? What happens after I die?  The children ask the questions and the adults answer them assuring the children that they are so important in our Heavenly Father’s plan and that they can return to live with Him after their life on this earth.  I wrote the song so the children sing first, the adults second, then combine and sing together with a final ending where they both bear the testimony that, “We will live with Him again after our life on earth.”

“His Plan for You” Sheet Music

Listen to a WAV of “His Plan for You”
Please keep in mind that the WAV does not play the parts separately–they are played twice together, then the final ending.

**Is this song not quite what you’re looking for, but pretty close? (Do you need different voicing, a more or less difficult piano part, etc.?) I want you to be able to use it if you’d like to. I will gladly make changes and post the new PDF (while keeping the original as well). Please head over to my “Arrangement Change or Song Request” page and fill out the applicable questions, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.**

As with all my music on this site, you may print and copy as many selections of the sheet music as you wish for noncommercial use.  All other rights are reserved, including the creation of derivative works.


Who am I? And why am I on earth?
Is there a plan for me after I live here?
Am I special? Do I have eternal worth?

You are a child of Heavenly Father’s
And you have infinite worth.
He sent you here to learn to become like Him,
And you can live with Him again
After your life on earth.

(Sing verses together)

We can live with Him again
After our life on earth.

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