Vocal Solo: They Call Him Savior

This song is written for a solo voice and piano.  It is sung from the perspective of a person living in Christ’s day and wondering (doubting) if He really person people are saying He is. Then, one day, they are brought to him in the midst of their sin (the original thought was someone like the woman taken in adultery, but I’m sure there were many people in this situation that were brought to Him and asked what He would do with them), and they are forgiven of all they did.  This person gains a testimony of Him as their Savior and then bears that testimony in the last verse.

I hope you enjoy it!  Just FYI, the same copyright applies to this song as all the others–just use it for noncommercial purposes and you’re free to use it however you’d like.  I’m not able to fix the copyright notice on this music right now as my computer is going through issues, but you have my guarantee that you can use it!

They Call Him Savior Sheet Music

They Call Him Savior Lyrics

I heard about a man, they say He’s come to take our sins away.

I’ve learned all my life a man would come to save us, but could He be the one?

I watched Him call some fishermen; He told them they should leave and follow Him.

But what could He teach them, this carpenter’s boy? Is not this Joseph’s son?

Chorus: They Call Him Savior, they call him Lord, they call Him Master and Redeemer of the world.

But I don’t know if this could be true. Could He really be the man come to save me and you?

I listened as He taught today, He said forgiveness is the only way.

He taught us of sinners, of debts that need repaying and mercy unto all.

I saw Him change water into wine, I saw Him giving sight back to the blind;

I watched Him raise the dead back to life. But can He change me, too?


Then in the midst of my sin, I was taken to Him, and as others condemned me He said: Repent, and all is forgiven, I have come to suffer so you need not suffer.

Go, and sin no more! And I knew then:

He’s my Savior!  He is my Lord! He is the Master and Redeemer of the world!

And I testify this is true: He surely is the man come to save me and you!

This Jesus Christ has come to save me and you!

One thought on “Vocal Solo: They Call Him Savior

  1. I am singing my first duet in church we chose Ill go where you want me to go. I love it! Thank you for sharing your talent

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